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Web Design Trends -A way forward

Recently, we have  seen a surge in popularity of responsive web design, as more and more sites join the drive to become ‘mobile ready’ which is now even more important in the wake of Google Mobile Friendly update.

A.The Proliferation of UI Patterns

One of the side effects of responsive design has meant that a lot of sites look similar. However, responsive design isn’t solely to blame. The rise of WordPress sites and the booming theme market also have a hand in it.

  • Some of the patters:
  • The Hamburg Menu
  • Account Registration
  • Long Scroll
  • Card Layouts
  • Hero Images

B.Rich Animations

Animations are being used more and more to enhance a site’s storytelling, making the experience more interactive and entertaining.

Popular Animation Techniques:

  • Loading animations – popular for flat design, portfolios and one –page sites
  • Navigation and menus(Non scrolling)
  • Hover animations
  • Galleries and slideshows
  • Motion animation
  • Scrolling
  • BackgroungdAnimation Videos

C. Microinteractions

Microinteractions happen all around us, from turning off the alarm on your mobile phone to liking that cat picture on Facebook.

Each one done without a second thought. It’s likely that you started your day with a micro-interaction.

Micro-interactions tend to do, or help you do, several different things:

  • Communicate a status or bit of feedback
  • See the result of an action
  • Help the user manipulate something

D.Material Design: A Richer Alternative to Flat Design

The goal of Material Design is to create clean, modernistic design that focus on UX. While Google’s design aesthetic has detractors, it’s been mostly praised as a game-changer.

Material Design was intended to provide great UI and UX across devices.  Lite uses vanilla CSS, HTML and JavaScript and is intended to make it simple to add the look and feel of Material Design to websites.

E.Responsive Design

Responsive web design has become incredibly popular in recent years thanks to the rise of mobile internet usage. Its  safe to say responsive design isnt going anywhere soon, as it represents a relatively simple and cheap way for businesses to build a fully-functional mobile-friendly site.

F: Flat Design

Flat design has been around for a while and is compatible with other trends such as minimalism, responsive web design and Material Design.

  • Long shadows.
  • Vibrant color schemes.
  • Simple typography.
  • Ghost buttons.



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